Matt Kaye

Cofounder, CEO

Matt started his career as a book marketer in publishing (Avalon, Wiley, FSG). After a Columbia Business School MBA, he joined the Amazon books team, then held several roles in tech, including VP of Growth at seed-stage startup Inkshares, Head of Growth and Engagement at Trulia, and most recently Head of Product, Design, and Research at Patreon.

Meghan Harvey

Cofounder, President

Meg began her career as Editor at Becker&mayer!, producing high-profile licensed and complex illustrated books for major publishers, before leading global digital initiatives for Adidas. As Chief of Strategy at Girl Friday Productions for nearly ten years, she steered the agency from book packager for traditional imprints to award-studded independent publishing services company.

Zack Jordan

Founding Engineer

Zack brings nearly twenty years in full-stack engineering, recently as Lead Software Architect at Cloud9, where he developed membership systems for the US’s most successful e-gaming franchise. He designed the Xbox interface of one of the world’s most profitable multiplayer games, World of Tanks, and is the author of The Last Human (Penguin Random House, 2020) and A Crowded Galaxy (Dark Horse, 2024).

CJ Alberts

Marketing Manager

CJ began her career working as a Creative Producer at several renowned brand design agencies, fostering innovation in new markets for Electronic Arts, Xbox, Adidas, and Microsoft. She also served as Senior Producer at Valiant Labs, a Nike-funded startup incubator. She recently opened an independent bookstore in Arizona, which she runs with her family.

Charlotte Strick

Creative Director

Charlotte was a book jacket designer and Art Director at Faber & Faber, Inc. and the paperback line at FSG for fourteen years and is the former Designer and Art Editor of The Paris Review magazine. In 2014, she cofounded Strick & Williams, an award-winning, women-led, Brooklyn-based brand design firm, which helped launch publishers such as Catapult and Spiegel & Grau, among others, as well as an award-winning rebrand of The Paris Review.

Industry Partners

Girl Friday Productions
Lavender Public Relations
Taryn Fagerness Agency
Two Rivers Distribution

A Letter from the Founders

Over the past few decades, the publishing industry has become a blockbuster game. Only 1 percent of authors—the mega bestsellers—command publishers' marketing budgets and bookstores' shelf space, leaving the rest with almost no support and little chance of success. Publishers' standard practice of acquiring books based on comparable, strong-selling titles makes it nearly impossible for different kinds of books to break out. All of this contributes to an increasing homogenization that doesn't serve many kinds of readers—let alone authors.

While there may be more choice than ever among the many publishing pathways available to writers today, there is a real gap for the many who aren't well served by any existing publishing path. These are the strong writers who don't fit onto a predefined shelf, or who are writing for a readership publishers don't understand how to reach. These are the many writers who don't have a large platform of reader connections or who don't have the financial resources it takes to self-publish successfully.

Over the last few years, tastemakers have reinvigorated the entire industry. With strong taste and direct connections with readers, they've illuminated self-published and backlisted authors, rocketing many to bestseller lists and the big screen. We believe that author-tastemaker publishing partnerships are key to changing the landscape that determines which books get created and noticed.

By empowering tastemakers and their reading communities to participate in publishing books, we're opening up opportunities for important new voices and a viable way to reach new readers.

Cheers to a more diverse and equitable world of books.

Matt and Meg signature

Advisory Board

Jane Friedman

Former CEO of HarperCollins Worldwide and Cofounder of Open Road Integrated Media

Camille Hearst

Head of Spotify for Artists, former Head of Creator Product at Patreon, Cofounder of Kit creator curation platform, and ex-Apple, Google, and YouTube

Michael Sippey

VP of Product at Descript, former CPO at Outside, CPO at Medium, VP of Product at Twitter, and VP at Say Media (content creator partnerships)

Mike Shatzkin

Founder and CEO of the Idea Logical Company and thought leader on digital change in the publishing industry

Veronica Belmont

Leading tastemaker and Director of Product at Unity Technologies, Cofounder of the Hugo-nominated Sword & Laser podcast and book club (top-rated on Goodreads)

Simon Fung

Former Director of Product Design at Patreon, former Google and TIME, award-winning filmmaker

Bindery is backed by Baukunst, a collective of creative technologists advancing the art of building companies at the frontiers of technology and design, along with strategic angel investors from the book publishing and tech worlds.

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